why vee

Geometrical and minimalist aesthetics meet functional product design for travel, sports, shopping, job and leisure. We created VeeCollective because we were looking for a product just like it: modern yet timeless design, fashionable yet functional, urban yet mobile, lightweight yet durable, focused and yet versatile.

family business

Lili founded her first bag brand in 2010. 2 years later she met Patrick. 2014 they got married and Patrick joined the business.

VeeCollective is the result of listening to customers. We created VEE because there is nothing comparable in the market. People always told us they were looking for a functional, lightweight and versatile bag. A bag designed to actually carry stuff! We launched VEE in 2017. Not only do our bags deliver on our promise, in fact we ended up designing the VEE TOTE to be the lightest tote on the market, unrivalled in carry comfort and attention to detail!

2018 our son was born. As parents you automatically think about what kind of world you want your child to grow up in. We acknowledge that fashion is an industry with a massive impact on the environment. We understand our responsibility which is why sustainability is our priority! Our bags are made of 100% recycled materials. Find out more about our efforts to create a sustainable business here.