Today is EQUAL PAY DAY. A day that was launched by activists to draw attention to the Gender Pay Gap, i.e. the percentage difference in the average gross hourly earnings of men and women. Because, shockingly, this gap amounts to 19% in Germany. We think: 19% is too much!

At VeeCollective we want to empower and support women every day. This is why the EQUAL PAY DAY is very important to us. After all, we know that it takes a collective rethink to close the gender pay gap. This is only possible if we give gender equality the attention it deserves and if we all stand up for it together: #WECLOSETHEGAP

So that you can actively do something good for yourself and others, we have an extra goodie for you today: Save 19% on all our products and we donate exactly the same 19% to a non-profit organization. Our = your donation goes to the Stiftung Sternenstaub, specifically supporting the Diyar girls' sports teams project in Bethlehem.

It's super easy:

Step 1: Shop your VeeCollective favourites and add them to your cart.

Step 2: Use code WECLOSETHEGAP during check-out and save 19% on your entire purchase.

Step 3: Enjoy your new VeeCollective bag(s) and feel good about your donation to Stiftung Sternenstaub.

Code valid until March 11th at midnight.